Infragistics Friends Group Presentation: T-SQL Performance Tips

In the second July week I was in Sofia and used this opportunity to support local SQL Server community. Infragistics Friendstsqltips_sofia group, BI & .NET Geeks (Bulgarian PASS Chapter) with the help of Infragistics Inc.  organized a presentation on “T-SQL Performance Tips” . Infragistics Friends group is an official PASS Chapter in Bulgaria under the name BI &. NET Geeks and we try to provide more BI and data platform related content.
The event was held on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014  at Infragistics Bulgaria Office, 110B, Simeonovsko Shosse Bul., Sofia, Bulgaria. The presentation was a practical session about T-SQL queries optimization.

This session was  very useful for:

· Developers / QE / who test products using optimized queries and to receive the best results. They also can provide better samples, which demonstrate better performance just because of the query optimization.

· Consultants  who want to help customers to improve the performance of their solutions without any additional work, related to the specific product .

· Web developers who want to use SQL Server with web applications more effectively.

– All kind of SQL Server specialists


  • There was more than 90 registrations.
  • 65 attendees in place
  • Slides are available here :



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