Speaking at SQLSaturday Slovenia

I’m proud to announce that I will present at SQLSaturday Slovenia on December 13th, 2014. This time I will talk about Hekaton topic. The session name is “SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP Challenges for Developers”.

sqlsat356_webThis will be second SQLSaturday conference in Slovenia. I was honored to present at the first one last year, a few days before the Christmas. The event was very successful, with a lot of attendees and friends from SQL family. Ljubljana is a vibrant city with a wonderful pre-Christmas atmosphere. I would highly recommend the event and the venue.

My Session

In my session I will focus on the new In-Memory OLTP feature from development point of view. After the very small (I hope) reminder to the most important facts about In-Memory OLTP I will focus on common questions that developers have when a new feature comes? Do I need it at all? What are use cases for it? Which constrains I have to take in account? How can I try it in easiest and useful way? I will cover some successfully implemented use cases. One of the most successful is using SQL Server 2014 In-Memory for ASP.NET Session State Server in my company bwin.party.

 The Event

SQL Saturday Slovenia his time there are 24 sessions in 4 tracks (DEV, BI, DBA/BI, DBA/DEV). And there are 24 speakers for 24 sessions. The organizers Dejan Sarka, Matija Lah and Mladen Prajdic decided to take as much as possible speakers to Slovenia and at also decided to exclude them self from speaking slots. Respect! The event scheduler you can see here.

The conference starts actually on Friday 12th with two whole-day seminars (with great US experts Stacia Misner (blog | twitter)  and Kevin G. Boles (twitter). More info and registration you can find on this page.

See you in Ljubljana!



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