SQL Saturday Vienna #374 Session Summary

The Call for Speakers for the PASS SQL Saturday #374 Vienna has been closed yesterday, 26.12. 2014. We are really proud to share with you that we have got 98 session abstracts for our event! They have been sent by 34 speakers from 19 countries! That’s really impressive number and we want to send a huge THANK YOU to all who submitted a proposal to speak at SQL Saturday Vienna 2015. In the figure below you can see “flag clouds” of potential conference speakers. The largest flags represent countries with most submitted sessions and speakers.


Four local speakers submitted 11 session proposals and 30 international speakers have sent 87 abstracts. The most sessions came from the United Kingdom (13), followed by Germany and Slovenia (11) and USA (10). The same countries + Bulgaria have 3 potential speakers. And we have two potential speakers from New Zealand! No, they did not mix-up Austria with Australia 🙂

Unfortunately, we cannot host all speakers; SQLSat Vienna will have 20 sessions. We will have a hard job to select optimal sessions for the conference. We’ll try to cover all SQL Server related areas and take care about well-balanced session levels. The selected speakers and sessions will be announced in first days of the new year.

SQL PASS Austria wishes you a very Happy New Year and great start to 2015!



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